The REBAY Project

Pitfield London teamed up with artist Jon Male for the “Rebay” project, part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle 2014. Exploring the redistribution of upcycled glass light fittings, each showpiece was perfectly crafted from original reclaimed pieces reconfigured into new compositions such as the “Memphis” totem, with the characteristic bright light and bold form and the “Deco”, with distinctive subtle combinations of opal and amber. Jon gained international recognition after his work was selected as a current example of Dada by Jacquline Lalive, curator of the Cabaret Voltaire Museum in Zurich. His work has also been selected for the “Nature Design – From inspiration to innovation” show at the Fur Gestaltung Museum in Zurich and been exhibited internationally at the

The Exhibition Space

Our exhibition space offers pure fantasy and escapism. A curatorial space displays a constantly rotating exhibition of local London designers, craftspeople and artists. Working with exciting designers, we collaborate to produce original products and showcase the fresh talent in a creative environment; the collaborative goods are available exclusively from Pitfield London. Pitfield’s installations are all about colour, contrast and unusual products.

The REBAY Project

The Love Bomb

Claire Brewster

Mark Oliver

James Brown

Fiona Paxton


Kim Wagner

Louise West


Alexander James

Jo Peel

Camille Flammarion

Barbara Chandler

Sam Zealey

Jade Jagger

Nic Parnell

Klaus Haapaniemi